is Canada’s first fitness inspired co-working space that combines a training and workplace solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups in the health and fitness industry.

Our vision is to empower health and fitness professionals with a foundation for success by providing a workspace, tools and training, and a powerful community to aid in their mission to promote an active lifestyle.

Meet The Founder

Celia Lopez is a world-class personal trainer with a background in Kinesiology. Building a fitness empire built on the premise of 7+ years of expertise in the areas of 1-On-1, group and rehabilitation training techniques. Celia has successfully coached over 100 clients, assisting them in meeting their health and fitness goals, all the while providing them with guidance and strategies to lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

Celia not only thrived on the entrepreneurial success of her own, but placed herself in the epicentre of an entrepreneurship hub to assist and guide others to find the same success by providing them with the tools to do so.⁣